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  • Paul Frank eCommerce
  • Paul Frank eCommerce

Saban wanted to leverage the 20 Million monthly visitors to the Paul Frank site, but did not want the hassles and headaches that come with building, managing, and running a standard eCommerce Platform. Saban did not want to hold inventory, manage a distribution center, handle shipping or deal with returns. They simply wanted to maximize the ROI from the traffic the Paul Frank site and Social Properties generated.

IJHANA’s strategy was to design and create an eCommerce and Comparison Shopping platform that gives Saban the best of both worlds making the most complete catalog of Paul Frank products on the planet. Most of the products in the platform would be added to the site via product feeds from licensed Paul Frank merchandise manufactures and a small majority of the products (the money makers) would be sold by Saban. Saban was able to capitalize on the highly qualified traffic by charging a premium to the merchandisers for the traffic and when it made sense they maximized revenue by directly selling the product. The Platform’s Analytics Package gave Saban the key insights it needed to decide which products to sell directly.

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  • 06/06/13
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