Holland America

The challenge was to re-architecture of eCommere system: Integration of front end ecommerce into mainframe legacy reservation systems to allow for consumer facing eCommerce.

The solution was to create a Java application using a model 2 MVC framework (i.e., :hibernate based DAOs, V:Tiles, C: Struts). MySQL core containing CMS, user, fare data. Ingestion of 27 data files delivered daily from various sources via SFTP

Reduction of automation deficiencies
Consumer display of Inventory control system 2x daily update of all SKU, pricing and package updates
iBoss memory usage performance
Implementation of hibernate caching

Performance improvement of:
Load Time: From 9 sec to sub 2 seconds
Transaction Time: From 17 sec to sub 10 sec
Full integration with legacy ERP to allow near real-time site inventory updates

  • Holland America
  • 2010